The #1 thing

My focus is on vinyl protectors! This is my baby i started 2016 and my thing is cutting this vinyl to fit your BMW. This gig is a hobby thing i do for fun.
Still, i love this and want you to be very satisfied with the stuff you buy from me.

What i see as the main advantages of my products.
- Reduces the risk of wear and scratches
- Conceal existing damage with our stylish vinyls.

More than hundreds sold and i pride myself on very close to a full 100 percent customer satisfaction.

I, as running this business, been around since 2016 and sold to Japan, USA, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Sweden and many, many other countries. We've delivered vinyl covers to Touratech, BMW dealers and we do sponsor world travellers.

We are always shipping with tracking ID!

Now it's your turn! Get Schwürzed today!